Grobag Temperature Guide


Grobag Tog Ratings
Warmth Rating
Room Temperature
3.5 tog 12-15c For cold rooms
2.5 tog
A good all year round grobag for a standard room temprature.
1.0 tog
Great for warmer nurseries/weather and daytime naps.
0.5 tog
Perfect for hot weather, holidays and very warm rooms.


Grobag Size Guide
Child Age
Minimum Child Weight
Maximum Length / Height
0-6 months
4.0kg / 8lb 8oz
68cm / 27”
6-18 months
8.1kg / 18lb
86cm / 34”
18-36 months
11.4kg / 25lb
98cm / 39”
3-6 years
53.5cm chest
116cm / 46”
6-10 years 58cm chest 140cm / 55"


What you should know when buying a Grobag

* Don't buy larger than you need and check the minimum weight for sizing. The Gro Company says "Our key safety consideration is to ensure that babies cannot slip down inside the Baby Sleep Bag". Most customers find the recommended size has lots of room and last for many more months

* The Lullaby Trust and Health Professionals recommend that the ideal room temperature for your baby is between 16°C and 20°C, and ideally at 18°C/65°F. 2.5 tog Grobags are designed to be used in this temperature range. If the nursery is warmer or colder, simply adjust the level of clothing your baby is wearing. During summer months, or in warmer climates, if your baby’s nursery is above 20°C and we recommend using our 100% cotton 1.0 tog or 0.5 tog Grobags. A free room thermometer is included with every 0-6 and 6-18 month grobag.

* Grobags are designed to use in a cot or crib without additional bedding.

* Please note that all information is for guidance only. Parents should check and touch their baby regularly to check if they are too warm or cold



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