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We store cookies on your device for the best experience. We use cookies to remember you, your shopping cart, monitor website usage and provide personalised adverts. We also use a third party to track usage. You can change your cookie settings to increase your privacy. For data we collect on our website, please read our Privacy Policy.

* A cookie is a small file on your device, that only our website can access

Who Creates These Cookies?

Our website uses first and third party cookies. "First party cookies" are set by us. "Third party cookies" are created by Google Analytics (to analyse web usage) and "YouTube" to show videos.

Types of Cookies We Use

Strictly Necessary Cookies

Essential for you to move around the website and use features such as remembering your shopping cart. These cookies can't be turned off, but we can delete them if you have finished using our website.

"Cookie_control" - Set when we have your consent to use cookies (expires after 1 year)
"sid", our session cookie, helps to remember your shopping cart and your selections. It only stores a unique reference number on your device. (expires after 1 year)

Performance Cookies

Gathers anonymous data about how a visitors use the website.

"performance_cookie" - monitors page usage so we can tell which products and pages are more popular. (expires after 1 year)

Functional Cookies

Remembers your personal settings and details when you return.

"functional_cookie" - allows you to continue with an order that you started earlier (within the last 90 days). It allows us to monitor pages visited to assist with customer queries (e.g. a customer has difficulty completing an order) and fix programming faults it . (expires after 1 year). If you turn off functional cookies our website will only recall an order started within the last 90 minutes, as this is essential to use our website..

Personalised Advertising Cookies

Allows us to deliver more personalsed adverts, based on you and your interests, such as products viewed or purchased.

"personalised_adverts_cookie" - allows us to show adverts based on pages viewed and previous purchases.

Third Party Performance Cookies

We also use "Google Analytics" to see which pages are popular and YouTube (to show Videos). These both collect anonymous data about usage.

To opt out of Google Analytics and Advertising click Google Advert Settings. When you turn off our "performance cookies" we'll also stop sharing page tracking information with "Google Analytics".

Updated 31-May-2018 for GDPR
(General Data Protection Rules)

Change Cookie Settings

Please read the above notes before choosing which cookies to allow.

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