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Legal Notice

Please refer to our terms and conditions and read the copyright section first.

If there are any ambiguities or contradictions, please bare in mind that our terms and conditions will preside.

What is Permitted

We are happy to allow any of our content to be emailed, "linked to" or printed for non-commercial purposes. You may also crawl our website to generate information for an internet search engine or to check links. Only with our express written consent may material be reproduced in any other way.

If you find a page, text or article you wish to reproduce please contact us first. We are happy to discuss your requirements, commercial or non-commercial; which may only require a simple copyright notice and link at the bottom of the content.

Why We Protect Our Content

It takes a lot of time, effort and money to produce a web page or article with interesting content. If our material is copied for business purposes or with any intention to profit from the copy this would be a violation of the international copyright law.

Reproducing copied or re-worked content on the internet may cause search engines to identify the content as a duplicate, thus both documents are devalued and one version may be deemed less important to the search engines. Bearing this in mind it is mutually beneficial to generate unique content.

What is Protected

All material on this website is owned by Delphi Solutions Ltd or is included with the permission of the rights owner.

Some of our images and text have been supplied from manufactures or with the material owner's permission. Usually supplied text is re-written or re-worked to provide the best readability for our customers, which form's part of our protected content. If you wish to copy these images or text you must contact the owner first and obtain all such material direct from them to prevent violating our copyright agreement.

Copying, modifying, re-working or re-formatting our material, even if it makes your own content unique is still a violation of our copyright.

A non-exhaustive list would also include all images, URL text, javascript code, css formatting, log files, server and client side source code and generated HTML, XML, TXT files.

You may not include any portion of our website within an "html frame" so that it appears to be part of any other website or associated with any other website.

How We Protect Our Content

International Copyright laws are referred to in our terms and conditions which protects our content.

In addition to this most files include copyright text including our name, year and copyright details.

We regularly search the internet for images and text that originated from us, using text pattern matches, image water marking and other methods.

All our content is regularly backed up on to a non-modifiable medium showing a history of original workings and on going maintenance. This aids in proof of ownership.

Copyright Infringement Notices

When content that originated from us is found to be used in a way that violates our terms and conditions, we may contact the violator to notify them what has occurred. A reasonable time frame will be given to remove the violating content, in which case no further action will be taken other than logging the occurrence.

After that timeframe a formal notice will be issued which will require the violating material to be removed within another timeframe, before legal proceedings can take place.